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Fun Social Media Ideas for Your Wedding

Using social media for your wedding is a cool way to make things extra fun and keep everyone feeling involved. From getting started with your plans to celebrating the big day, here’s how you can use apps like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok to add a special touch to your wedding.

Before the Big Day

Make a Special Hashtag

Come up with a fun hashtag for your wedding. This way, it’s easy to find all the pictures and messages about your day. Put your hashtag on your invitations and wedding website.

Share Your Wedding Prep

Post updates about getting ready for your wedding on Instagram Stories or Facebook. It’s a fun peek into your plans, like picking out the place or tasting cake flavors.

Set Up a Private Group

Create a private group on Facebook for your wedding. It’s a great spot to share all the details and let guests chat with each other before the wedding.

On Your Wedding Day

Photo Fun

Challenge your guests to post their best photos from the day. You could ask for the funniest dance photo or a sweet picture with the couple. You can even give out small prizes.

Share Photos Instantly

Use an app where everyone can upload their pictures from the wedding. This lets you see the wedding from everyone’s point of view.

Custom Filters

Make special Snapchat filters for your wedding venue. It’s a fun extra for everyone’s photos.

Include your wedding vendors 

Send out an group email to all your wedding vendors and ask them to share behind the scenes work from your day. Share your social media handles and encourage them to tag each other when they post.

Important note! Give them clear instructions on what you want. When we plan the weddings we always tell the vendors to wait until the next day or after a event has happened before sharing.

Consider Hiring a Pro to Manage Your Wedding Social Media

Stress-Free Sharing

First off, you and your partner's phone should not be used during the wedding day if you ask me. Instead of worrying about posting updates or capturing live moments, you should be present on your wedding day. A social media manager ensures all those special moments are captured and shared in real time, so no one misses out.

Cohesive Storytelling

A pro knows how to tell a story — your love story — in a cohesive and engaging way across platforms. They can manage your wedding hashtag, curate content, and create a narrative that reflects the essence of your celebration. This storytelling skill turns your social media feeds into a beautiful, digital scrapbook of your wedding journey.

Want to do something unique, like a

countdown to your wedding or a behind-the-scenes look at your planning process? A social media pro can come up with creative ideas that you might not have considered, adding an extra layer of fun and personality to your online presence.

Final tips!

Be Clear: Tell your guests about your social media ideas. You can include instructions in your invitations or on your wedding website.

Make It Easy: Encourage your guests to join in by putting up friendly signs at the wedding venue.

Think of Privacy: Make sure your guests are okay with being on live streams or in shared photos.

Using social media adds a fun, shared experience to your wedding. It starts with the planning and keeps going through to the last dance. With these tips, everyone can join in on the fun and help celebrate your special day!


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