I have come to realize that we in this world of wedding have come to forget a little bit about what is the real highlight of the wedding day, The Wedding Ceremony.

I believe you should put in extra thought on creating a lovely atmosphere and tailor the whole experience for the wedding ceremony so it reflects who you are as a couple. For me this is the most important part of the day as this is the real reason for gathering all your friends and family. It should be all about you and your partner and your love. Of course, I like to throw a great and fun party too but don’t forget to plan for a meaningful and romantic wedding ceremony first.

Here are 8 wedding tips for the ceremony planning

The location should be you
As much as I love church weddings I also love when my couples have their weddings outdoors. Choose what you feel is the best option for you and what you want. You can have your ceremony in a castle garden or at a museum or hotel or why not at the Swedish Opera house in Stockholm? I would love to plan a grand ceremony there.

Write your own wows
When you speak love right from your heart your words will have more meaning. Please don’t be shy. If you are then you could write a love letter instead, read each other’s letter just before the ceremony starts.

Let your dog be a part of the ceremony
Last summer one of my sweetest bride had her dog walk down the aisle. She is such a dog lover and Ziggy always follow her around so why shouldn’t he be there at the ceremony too? Of course, he should!

A drink before the ceremony is always nice
Why not let your guest have a drink before the ceremony? This depends on whether if it is possible at your chosen ceremony location or not. Invite the guests 30 minutes to an hour before the ceremony start, play some music and treat them with a signature cocktail. Your guests can mingle around and take seats just before the ceremony starts. And you can ensure that even your chronically late cousin will get there in time for the main event.

Plan for a grand exit
Confetti, rose leaves, sparkle’s or if you are traditional and want a lot of babies go for rice. Let the trumpets play or have a string quartet play your exit song. You are now married!

Don’t forget your plan B
This is a must for Sweden weddings if you want to have your wedding ceremony outdoor. Umbrellas, tent or rent a venue in case you are unable to have the ceremony outside. Don’t forget to inform your guests if you need to insert the plan B at another location. This info could be at your wedding website or in an info card or mail. You don’t want your guests to be in the wrong location if you need to make changes in the last minute.

Have a pretty backdrop behind the altar
If you are not in a church it doesn’t need to be without an altar then you just have to create your own altar, using flowers or linens or anything you like. The bigger the better in my world. It should be lush and elegant and follow the rest of the wedding theme and colors.

Spend on music
Do it like Jennifer and Alex who had an amazing saxophonist to play during ceremony!  Since I love to sing I would hire at least a soloist to sing your favorite love song together with a piano or guitar or why not go for a large mariachi band to play your exit song.

The beautiful pictures are from a wedding we coordinated last year, the beautiful flower design was made by sweet Linnéa from The Wild Rose and we were lucky to have Isabelle and Sabina from 2brides photography to capture all the memories on photo. Oh how I love the colors, I will share more pictures of this wedding in an upcoming blog post 😉

We help wedding couples plan weddings here in Stockholm. Let us know if you need any help from us.Do you have any meaningful memories from other wedding ceremonies you have been to before? I would love to read your stories and maybe tell other couples about them here on the blog. Write to us and we might publish them here.


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