Newly Engaged? Here's 3 first things to Start the Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Not sure how to start the planning? Here are a few first steps in your wedding planning.

1. Vision, budget and guest list

Think about how you envision your day. Would you like to have a small intimate wedding or would you prefer a big wedding with a lot of guests, destination or local. To you have any budget restrictions? Will the family help out? Season of the wedding.

Create a folder in your email inbox to same all future wedding correspondence and a wedding folder in your google drive, dropbox or desktop to save anything wedding related.

2. What is important for you?

Set your 3 wedding priorities. Choose your wedding musts, the things you can absolutely not be without. When deciding on your top priorities, make a list of every wedding detail before going through the list and rank each item on a scale of 1-10, from least to most significant. Let your partner do this too and then compare notes, discuss, and compromise on your top three wedding priorities. Easy peasy ;-)

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3. Book your VIP:s

Book the venue and ceremony location and your most important vendors. Wedding planners, photographers, videographers, entertainment and artist are the ones that normally get booked well in advance so if you have a favorite please don't wait.