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What about wedding cost?

Getting married is free but you need to budget for the wedding reception and party. If you landed here I think you want to have a well planned wedding and hire professional vendors. You and your partner needs to decide on what is important for you and set a realistic budget. Here are some idéas to get you started on the costs of a wedding in Stockholm.

Get started with budget

The guest list is the thing that will affect your budget so choose carefully who you invite if you want to cut costs... In this example I have decided not to include he rings and clothes for bride, groom or wedding party. The reason for this is you can get a really inexpensive dress at H&M or spend more than the reception on a designer gown and the same goes for the wedding rings. It is just to tricky to put a percentage on those things.

Wedding planner

For busy couples, a wedding planner can be a lifesaver, ensuring that the planning process and the actual event goes smooth. Your wedding vision is unique, and your wedding planner will adjust the service to meet your needs.The price for a wedding planner depends on the level of service you need but also the type of wedding you will be having. The number of guests and the complexity of the event will affect the cost of your wedding planner. Calculate around 10-15 % of the total wedding budget. Check out our packages here.

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Venue 50 %

Generally 50 % of the costs goes to the venue, food, cake and drinks so if you cut the budget in half and divide it with how many guests you have then you will get a number per person. This will give you a clearer idea on what venue you can afford. For less guests you will be able to choose a more luxury venue or serve more food, wine and margaritas. If you have more guests then you need to raise your budget or choose a location that is less pricy and cut costs on the food and beverages. Ask your venue about these costs before booking.

  • Venue rental costs

  • Plan B options for rain

  • Champagne or sparkling wine and canapés

  • Wedding dinner or package

  • Wine for dinner

  • Open bar

Wedding categories

How you spend the rest of your money is always based on your priorities and the type of wedding you will be having. Here is just an idea on how you can divide it. For example if you do not need transportation then you can spend more money on flowers or something else...

  • Ceremony 4 %

  • Hair & Make up 3 %

  • Flowers & decor 8 %

  • Music & entertainment 10

  • Photo & Video 10 %

  • Stationary 5 %

  • Transportation 3 %

  • Other 7 %

Example budget

Here is a simple example for a budget of 500 000 or 1 000 000 sek. Remember it is no cost of getting married but if you want to have a wedding reception and hire professional vendors then it is important to be realistic with the numbers. Depending on the budget you will spend you can see if it is resonable to have full wedding planning help or wedding day management. I absolutely recommend hiring a professional planner if you have a larger wedding budgets as this will save you both money and time.

Venue 250 000 / 500 000

Ceremony 20 000 / 40 000

Hair & Make up 15 000 / 30 000

Flowers & decor 40 000 / 80 000

Music & entertainment 50 000 / 100 000

Photo & Video 50 000 / 100 000

Stationary 25 000 / 50 000

Transportation 15 000 / 30 000

Other 35 000 / 70 000

Do you need help with the budget planning? You can book a consultation just for creating a realistic wedding budget based on your needs. We will discuss your budget and the things you want to include and give you pricing examples based on the vendor pricing in Stockholm. Contact us today for help with this!

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