Are you dreaming of having a wedding in Stockholm? As wedding planners, we are always searching for new hot locations for our couples to have a memorable wedding at. I went through my list of venues I have visited in Stockholm and realized I have been to more than 60 wedding venues the last few years, all of them very different and it is very hard to say which one I like the most. More than 50 % of our wedding couples live outside of Sweden or Stockholm but are dreaming of having a destination wedding here. Most of the times one of the partner are Swedish but this year I have an American couple who are just in love with our beautiful city. They will have a great weekend celebration here. It is so much fun helping them to finalize all the details and plan the event! Here are some tips of great places to have a beautiful Stockholm destination wedding if you want to show your guests the beauty of our capital.

Old National Archives
The Swedish National Archives, were located in the building until 1968. You will find it at Riddarholmen in Stockholm. It is now a part of Stureplans gruppen that has many famous restaurants and clubs in Stockholm. What I love about this venue is that there are so many old details och such a great place to go crazy and have fun and creative decor. Inside it has this elegant and old Art deco style.



Grand Hôtel Stockholm
Grand Hôtel is a five-star hotel in Stockholm. It was founded by Frenchman, Jean-François Régis Cadier, in 1872. It opened on 14 June 1874 and ever since it has been a place for celebrities and to have a great high-profile event or wedding. My favorite spot inside is Vinterträdgården and Spegelsalen, both amazing rooms who fit many guests. The picture is from one of my weddings there in Spegelsalen.



Junibacken is actually children’s attraction. During night, the venue can be transformed to a great place to host parties and weddings. This is a super sweet place if you want to have a fun and different wedding. Have some champagne at the playful sagotorget square, and then your guest takes the inside fairytale train over to Pippi Longstockings house to continue the reception and party!



Rosendahls garden
Rosendals’ Garden Foundation at the Royal Djurgården is the perfect place for a romantic and rustic summer wedding. You can have your ceremony under the bare sky or inside one of the vegetable houses with the reception to follow in their café.  They work very hard on the concept of having all the vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits they use to come from their own beautiful garden.



Skansen is an open-air museum and zoo. You can get married inside the old Seglora church and then a traditional reception at the old house, Högloftet. The style is rustic and have a little bit of a barn feeling. I think it is perfect for a winter wedding, last time I was there it was snowing. Just imagine it decorated with a lot of spruce spray. The guest could have a warm welcome dink when they arrive like a nice homemade appelcider with your first-choice snack.



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Old National Archives I The old National Archives
Grand Hôtel Stockholm I Jenny Drakenlind Photography
Junibacken I 2 Brides Photography
Rosendahls garden I Mela Mörtenbäck
Skansen I


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